Photo Highlights


                                           • 397 Students Fully Supplied Each with Dozens of Necessities
                                           • 40 High School Students Entered Essay Contest Click Here For Results
                                           • Approximately 5,000 Attendees (Despite Rain)
                                           • 2,500 Hero Cards Given Away During Charity Event
                                           • 10,000 Promotional Fliers Handed Out Before Event
                                           • Live DJ, Food & Drinks, Children’s Activities
                                           • Dodge Displayed Three 2011 Vehicles Off Showroom Floor
                                           • Detroit Fire Department Displayed Fire Truck
                                           • Dozens of Hot Rods, Race Cars & Motorcycles on Display


If you would like to support this program, please send donations to:

                                    Leadfoot Foundation, Inc.
                                    P.O. Box: 250372
                                    West Bloomfield, MI 48325

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